Judge Rules Against US Gov’t In Dubuque Co. Citizenship Case

A Dubuque County man who came to the US more than twenty years ago as a refugee from the Balkans will retain his U.S. citizenship. That ruling came after a judge ruled this week the US government fell “well short” of proving he had committed war crimes in the early 1990s.

54-year old Eso Razic and his family fled Bosnia and came to the United States in 1998. He became a citizen and settled in the small Dubuque County town of Asbury. Two years ago, the federal government tried to strip Razic of his citizenship, claiming he had lied about being a soldier in the Bosnian Wars between 1992-1995.

The government also claimed he had been “involved in several killings and kidnappings against rival ethnic groups.” Attorneys said the government case was all hearsay, and the judge even noted he had “no idea” why the government was trying to make a case against him.